Regina Anderson and Tom Baker host Get Involved! Power Hour at Shadow Lounge

I'm very honored to be on the panel at this evening's Get Involved! Power Hour at Shadow Lounge from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The event is hosted by Regina Anderson and Tom Baker—two Pittsburgh evangalists that organize monthly "Power Hours" that get folks together to discuss ways to positively influence the region.

I know Regina through various mutual friends. (I'm not kidding when I say I think she knows everyone in this city.) She is the founder of Love of Friends, which has been making my Valentine's day fun and stress-free since 2008. It's most certainy one of my favorite Pittsburgh events.

Regina's good friend and Love of Friends team member, Bethany Davidson, will also be on the panel this evening. We will also be joined by Jared Sadowski and Justin Hopper. You can learn more about the panelists on the Love of Friends Blog.

I have never met Tom Baker, but I look forward to doing so this evening. I respect the work he's doing with Baker Leadership whose mission is to encourage young Pittsburghers in their 20's and 30's to Get Involved! and create positive change in Pittsburgh. He was recently interviewed by Fox News. What what!

I really hope to see you tonight. The Shadow Lounge/Ava will be brimming with folks who would love to connect/meet/brainstorm with you. I certainly do!

And besides, you can sample that awesome guacamole we were just talking about. Mmm. Guacamole.


Cassie's picture

I bet Regina won this one!

I couldn't attend the event because of track practice... so sad I missed it!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

She does have some serious "guns!" You'll have to come to the next Baker Leadership event called Morning Mix. Check it out! >>