Mission Accomplished!

It has been an incredible October. I wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to commit to The Yoga Hive's 30 Day Yoga Challenge but I am certainly glad I took the plunge!

Besides, doing this challenge meant that I got to see Kimberly Musial almost every day. Bonus!

One of the best parts about the yoga challenge was the opportunity to try almost every single class The Yoga Hive has to offer. I was delighted to discover Kundalini yoga, a style of yoga that I have never experienced before.

Mike Tamburo (above) is a fantastic Kundalini instructor! Seriously. You must check out one of his classes. Mike ends all of his sessions with final relaxation + gong—it will rock your world, I promise.

The Yoga Hive has incredible instructors: L.A., Maggie, Kimberly, Leigh-Ann, Tirzah and Stefani. It was fun to experience different teaching styles. I always knew that every class would be a little different so 30 days of yoga never got boring!

There really is a class for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Check out the schedule to see all the options.

I must admit, this challenge felt quite daunting at times! Especially since I was away for a short trip mid-month and had to double and triple up a few days. Some days I felt like a super yogi and others I could barely move past child's pose.

Regardless of the imperfection of my practice, I started experiencing the benefits of yoga almost immediately. I slept better. I ate better. I felt less stressed and became more present in my daily activiites. This is enough to convince me that yoga needs to be a part of my life indefinitely.

It felt so awesome to add my final star to the chart! I forgot how motivating consistently tracking progress can be. I've decided I need to implement goal charts into other areas of my life. Like emptying the dishwasher, for example.

One of my favorite aspects of the challenge was that I made new friends! It was so fun to jump-for-joy with some fellow challengers celebrating our 30th yoga class.

I was reminded that consistensy truly does create community. Relationships start when you show up. Whether you are a regular at a restaurant, coffee shop, gym or yoga studio you are bound to make connections when you visit a place every single day.

So keep showing up, Pittsburgh! We'll make things happen.

And thank you so much for supporting me in this challenge! Your encouragement along the way really made a difference.

<3 Kate

P.S. It's time for a new physical challenge. I'm considering running a leg in the Pittsburgh Marathon relay. Who's in?!

P.P.S. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop going to The Yoga Hive. I'm officially hooked!


Kimberly's picture

I want to run with you!!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

Woo hoo! Yes that would be awesome. It's my turn to challenge YOU!

lauren's picture

Congrats! Such a beautiful accomplishment!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

Thank you, Lauren! Hope to see you at the Hive sometime!

Kate's picture

I agree that the community aspect of the challenge was amazing! Met new friends each day and connected over our common goal of practicing for 30 days! I really found that I am more aware of my body throughout the day - what my shoulders are doing, what my posture is like, how I'm engaging different muscles, etc. Very cool! And congratulations!!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

Thanks for your comment, Kate! It was such a treat to get to know you through this challenge... I hope I continue to see you at yoga classes! And yes, the awareness bit of yoga is so amazing. I've definitely been noticing how I sit at my computer!

Katie's picture

I love your post on this Kate! A yoga class I went to recently had a focus of "play", reminding us to be have fun while practicing and not to take it too seriously or to feel the need to be so solemn. It was such a refreshing reminder about it, and your thoughts here felt like a similarly joyful boost. Thanks for that!
p.s. I am uber impressed by your jumping skills... Nice Ups!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

Thank you, Katie! Yes you certainly do miss out on a lot of fun if you take things too seriously.

And thanks, I had to cultivate my hops in high-school in order for anyone to take my 5'4" self seriously:)