Interview #33: Eric Meyer

Who needs whistling when you can wiggle while you work!

Meet Eric Meyer.

Eric and his father are the proprietors behind Wigle Whiskey (best name ever!)—Pittsburgh's first distillery since the prohibition era.

I was so excited when Eric suggested we meet at the distillery. Guess who else was excited... my husband, Nik, of course! He eagerly joined for the tour.

I was especally in awe of the still. The copper is incredibly beautiful—to me it resembled a wind instrument (saxaphone?) of some sort. Well the best sort, really, as this wind instrument will be used to produce several varieties of whiskey made from local, organic ingredients. 

I really enjoyed seeing the newly renovated space. Eric and his father worked with Edge Studio to create a modern and welcoming environment. They used their bottles to create this ceiling motif.

Be on the lookout for Wigle next time you are in the Strip district. Production will begin very soon. Once they are up and running, Eric will begin leading tours to the public!

Enjoy Eric'a Q&A! Be sure to check out the distillery. Pittsburgh will be wiggling in no time...

Name: Eric Meyer

Job title: Wigle-in-Chief

Twitter: @wiglewhiskey

Neighborhood you live in: Strip District

Coffee Shop Drink of Choice: Black Coffee.

Current Shampoo Preference: Whatever they have at the Market Outlet.

Why do you choose Pittsburgh as your home? 
I grew up here, left, lived in a bunch of other cities, realized none of them were as unique as Pittsburgh, and moved back.

Who do you spend your time with? 
My family.

What are your favorite aspects of your job? 
Making a quality product that brings people together.

Do you have a soul food?  Tacos from taco trucks.

What are some of your recent personal goals? 
Learning to row and draw.

What are your favorite Pittsburgh restaurants? 
The restaurants who are creative with local ingredients - Avenue B, Salt of the Earth, Spoon, and Eleven - to name a few.

Describe your ideal day.
Going for a walk and having something unexpected happen.

What is the most memorable live show you have seen in Pittsburgh? 
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Hartwood Acres.

What do you think Pittsburgh will be like in ten years?
What do you love most about the city? I think the city will continue its  renaissance, especially if we can figure out how to add more taco trucks and places to sit by the rivers. 


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Nice post you got their! Hope you could post some more interesting facts in the future. Also im impresed with what you have done with your ceiling.Underwater Photographer