Interview #17: Rachel Vallozzi

Spring is near and Rachel Vallozzi is full of sunshine—both inside and out.

I bet you couldn't guess that spending time with her this morning took my mood to record-breaking highs. Have I told you that I love colors? I do. I love every single one of them. All the time. All at once.

As you can imagine, I was in heaven in Rachel's kitchen—I could not get enough! Check it out...

Just groovy.

Rachel and I met a few month ago through our mutual friend Karla Stauffer, who started a small group for women interested in spiritual growth. We now call ourselves "Super Group" because that pretty much says it all. It's just super.

Rachel is super, too. She quite the busy bee working and buying for her store Pageboy in Lawrenceville, shopping for her private clients, styling for commercials and designing for her upcycled label, Buttercup Blues.

She's got a vibrant personality to mach her style. If there was such a thing as a holistic stylist, that'd be Rachel—I would totally trust her to help me revamp my closet and I wouldn't say that about just anyone!

Rachel knows that often we hold many emotions around what we wear and she is sensitive about that. She's got the skills to take your style to the next level and make your new look  smokin' hot.

Plus, she's such a treat to hang out with!

Check out some of these looks she put together:

Wait a second. Is that Kelly Tobias (interview #2) along with her band Big Hurry?! Well yes. Yes it is!

Like I said. Smokin' hot.

Do enjoy Rachel's Q&A. And remember, if you are in a fashion rut and need a perfect outfit for an interview/event/photoshoot Rachel is your woman.


Name: Rachel Vallozzi

Job title: 
Personal shopper/stylist/closet consultant
Wardrobe stylist/costume shopper
Co-Owner and buyer for Pageboy Salon & Boutique
Designer/Owner of Buttercup Blues Vintage & Upcycled Fashions
And I swear that's it. Oh wait...sometimes I act.

Twitter: @ButtercupBlues and @Pageboypgh


Websites:,,  and

Neighborhood you live in: Friendship/East Liberty

Coffee Shop Drink of Choice: Americano super short

Current Shampoo Preference: Earth Science, the green bottle. I get it at Whole Foods, it smells wonderful and matches my bathroom!

Why do you choose Pittsburgh as your home?
The rivers, the parks, the architecture, the trees, the bridges, the seasons, the people, communities and the quality of life. I can run my businesses and live in beautiful spaces that do not cost me a gazillion dollars.

Who do you spend your time with?
Myself, my kitty Bopsie, my dearest friends who are the biggest support always, my awesome business partner and friend, Dana. Most recently my weeping pussy willow tree, Malita.

What are your favorite aspects of your job? 
Being my own boss, making my own schedule, having many creative outlets, relating one on one to SO MANY different personalities and playing dress-up! I enjoy working with people to help them bring out their confidence in their body image, shopping, and getting dressed.

Do you have a soul food?
Raw green peppers…I crave them and eat them like apples.

What are some of your recent personal goals?
To sleep 8 hours a night as often as possible.  To stay conscious of how I feel in the moment and be true to that feeling. To go dancing one night a week. Only use my words for good toward myself and others. Live in a constant state of gratitude.

What are your favorite Pittsburgh restaurants?
Aw geez, I love to eat many am I allowed to name?  Fancy pants: Avenue B and Salt of the Earth (who isnt going to say that?). Chilled out: Trams, Kassabs, Abay, Plum (I love that I can walk to almost all of these places!).

Describe your ideal day. 
I'd walk to Voluto for a short Americano (being sure to greet the wildflowers and trees along the way), sit on my roof with a friend soaking in the sunshine and having a heart to heart (or alone reading), designing in my studio or taking a trip to a small rural town scavenging treasures to bring back to Pageboy. Next I'd either going to Linda or Chase's yoga class or a dance party with DJ Equestrian or Title Town. OR, scratch it all, and I'd take a day trip hiking at McConnell's Mill and meditating by the river.

What is the most memorable live show you have seen in Pittsburgh?
Sigur Ros, their first tour...maybe 2002? At the Byham—that show was magical. Although, I might have to choose The Mars Volta's first tour at Laga. As for local music, Dave Bernabo + Assembly at Brillo...blew my mind! Those cats live in this city, amazing.

What do you think Pittsburgh will be like in ten years? What do you love most about the city? 
It is difficult for me to think beyond tomorrow...but I have seen this city grow and blossom in the past 8 years: friends buying buildings, opening businesses, working to make our city greener, more queer friendly and culturally diverse, more bike friendly, more sustainable, restaurants serving local food and growing neighborhood communities. I think we will continue on this path of evolution and consciousness. I love that anytime there is a dance party, event—whatever I go to flying solo—there will ALWAYS be people there that I know and love. That is such a charming aspect of our city.



BingePittsburgh's picture

Love that kitchen and the slightly angry cat that sits in it!

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

I guess we didn't catch Bopsie with her pleasant face on... we were just glad she was looking towards the camera!

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rachel vallozzi's picture

i swear to you my cat was not angry...she was pretending like it wasnt a big deal to have her picture taken for kate's blog even though she totally put herself right in the shot, haha ;)

rachel vallozzi's picture

oh, and thanks for the kitchen love! i have a thing for old big eye lithos, :)

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I love this interview with Rachel. Her bright spirit is always radiant. Love, love all the brightness inside and out. Thanks for sharing.

Kate Stoltzfus's picture

She truly has a bright spirit, doesn't she?! Thanks for reading!

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thanks linda! i feel the same way about weeks are just not the same if i miss your class, love your teaching and your energy and your spirit!

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Big fan of Rachel's! Kate, I'm so glad you interviewed her! Rachel, so happy to read about you here, you always bring a smile to my face. :)

Lot of love, Viv

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Thanks, Vivien!

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thanks vivien! how are you? you too!!! miss you & hope to see you soon, for reals! xo

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