Interview #14: Carrie Nardini

60 Degrees? In February?! It was a perfect day to meet Carrie Nardini at Big Dog Coffee.

Carrie is a talented crafter (she was wearing a beautiful barette that she hand beaded) and a business maven. She's the organizer and co-founder of I Made it! Market.

I admire Carrie's ambition. It's clear that she is committed to growing I Made It! Market and getting more organizations involved. She has so many creative ideas!

You'll find in Carrie's Q&A below, that she likes Pittsburgh because it feels like a big "extended family."

Something awesome happened to illustrate this point when we were taking pictures...

A friendly UPS man decided to join our photo shoot! He was so hilarious and fun. (Unfortunately I did not get his name... but don't worry he was cool with his picture being on

You see? One big happy family. I love it.

I hope you get out and experience Pittsburgh's craft scene at the next I Made It! Market. I suggest you bring your camera... you never know who might jump into your picture and make your day!

Name: Carrie Nardini

Job title: Organizer, I Made It! Market, Connector,  Marketer

Twitter: @imadeitmarket


Neighborhood you live in: Brookline

Coffee Shop Drink of Choice: Coffee, it is ridiculous the amount of coffee we drink.

Current Shampoo Preference: Nature’s Gate Jojoba

Why do you choose Pittsburgh as your home?
I grew up here, stayed for school, lived in “the Square” for years and then moved with my husband to Philadelphia. We were snapped back to the ‘burgh after a year away. When I left Pittsburgh, the biggest shock for me was in missing the friends I have here. It seems like wherever we go in Pittsburgh, we’re sure to run into a friend and you can’t recreate that so easily. The city begins to feel like a big extended family. ‚

Who do you spend your time with?
I spend most of my free time with my best friend, my hubby Enrico. We are both involved with lots of creative projects so we find time to hang out together in our studio whenever we can.
When I’m not at home, I’m meeting with friends, engaging in my favorite Sunday morning yoga + brunch dates, or hanging out with my crafty friends from I Made It! Market and the Pittsburgh Craft Collective.

What are your favorite aspects of your job?
I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with incredible, talented, inspired artists and community partners. I am constantly working to make connections and I Made It! Market is built on connecting artists, communities and the organizations working to improve those communities. Making my own hours means that I may work 60+ hours a week, but I can determine when they are which provides flexibility to take advantage of opportunities and time to do the things I love like cooking and the things I need to do like exercise.‚

Do you have a soul food?
Matzoh ball soup. Hands down. When my grandmother passed away, I made it my mission to replicate her soup. I’m almost there. Hint: use dill, it makes all the difference.

What are some of your recent personal goals?
I recently left a fulltime position to grow the I Made It! Market. So, my goals include expanding the market to create new opportunities for our artists, launching workshops for creative small business owners to improve their businesses, and managing my work/free time so that I can get back to making my own craft. ‚

What are your favorite Pittsburgh restaurants?
There are so many. For brunch, I’d say the Dor Stop, Pamela’s, Quiet Storm, Zenith or the Double Wide Grill. We also really enjoy Green Mango, D’s 6 packs and Dogs, Bocktown, Soba, Umi, Nicky’s Thai, and so many more. My neighborhood has so much good food and I’m constantly stopping at Pita Land for quick snacks. We’ve been frequenting Yo Rita a lot lately. Yum! I have plans to go to Salt of the Earth next month to celebrate a family birthday – I can’t wait.

Describe your ideal day.
I can think of several but my ideal day always involves a Carrie/Rico adventure where we go out for a delicious breakfast, grab coffee and find our own adventure. We’d end the day grilling and making dinner with friends at our house and have coffee on the porch with our neighbors. Perfecto!‚

What is the most memorable live show you have seen in Pittsburgh?
Is Starlake considered Pittsburgh? I’m going to call it Starlake because I haven’t been out there since the name changed. Lollapalooza 1992 is probably my favorite show. Check out the lineup, you’ll understand. At the time there was an incredible energy in being a teenager and seeing bands like those live.

What do you think Pittsburgh will be like in ten years? What do you love most about the city?
I think Pittsburgh has embraced what makes us shine from the business sectors of technology, education, and healthcare and we have been acknowledged nationally for those qualities; but I hope in ten years we can show that we’ve continued to build on the aspects of our city that make us truly unique. I see those as our appreciation for our neighborhoods and communities, love of art and culture, and strong work ethic. I would love to see more conversations like those at CityLIVE! that I hope will lead to diverse groups working together to make the city even more vibrant and collaborative!


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