What are you building in 2014?

I spent yesterday afternoon with some large sheets of white paper, markers, and this tool from Alexandra Franzen so I could get a few goals/ideas/inspiration flowing for 2014. 

I'm so glad Erin brought this blog post to my attention in the Propelle Mastermind because it's super simple and it feels amazing to complete. 

I wanted to share what I wrote with you, and perhaps you might be interested in answering these questions when the time is right for you.

Happy Holidays and cheers to a wonderful new year!

Peace and Love,  



In 2014 I am building ... 

A collection of writing, experiences, and events that inspire others to connect and collaborate. 

This building — this body of work — will include these helpful offerings to the world:

An e-book on courageous connecting. 

Speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats for individual and corporate clients. 

One on one Connectornoon sessions

Blog posts galore. 

Propelle Mastermind and Rock It! communities

Happy hours and lecture events via Propelle and CreativeMornings

Unforgettable dinner parties a la  Dinfinity.

Completing all 100 Yinzpiration interviews and celebrating with an Extravaganza! (If you have any ideas on how to make this an incredible party ... get in touch. I want to think big and I need your help!) 

In order to build what I need to build, I'll need to remove a few things from my world including:

Working from the couch. Even though it's cozy, it's far less productive. I will also not do any chores during the workday other than on lunch breaks. 

Spending the majority of my time being reactive (answering emails, waiting for exciting things to happen on social media, etc.) I want to be proactive and create! 

Trying to schedule too much and saying yes to all pitch requests. 

Because what I really want to be known for: 

Courageous Connection. 

Because I want to live in a world where dinner parties outnumber meals in front of screens, handwritten notes are just as common as a tweet, and heartfelt conversations happen every day. 

When things start to be overwhelming, I will keep it simple by reminding myself that: 

My goal is to make one person smile today. 

And by this time net year, I will be so proud to have completed one big thing which is:

My first e-book! 

And that's my plan for 2014!