Three Pittsburgh Gems

I found a few Pittsburgh related gems on the interwebs this week and I wanted to share them with you.

Bridgette Cunningham

The first comes from my stylin' gal pal, Bridgette. She shared this beautiful reflection that describes what it has been like for her to grow up in Pittsburgh.

Here's a little nugget that made me smile: 

"This city doesn’t feel the need to put it all on display. Nothing is so exclusive that it’s intimidating or so hot that you must ‘see and be seen’. It’s a community here and there seems to always be a friend who can you get you in touch with whomever or whatever you need. Pittsburgh people are happy to share their secret spots." 

Jesse Reviews the World

Speaking of secret spots ... our friend Jesse (remember him from interview #8?)  wrote about his favorite comic book store in Polish Hill in this 
guest post for That's Church.

Check it: 

"This one guy who works at the wonderful Copacetic Comics in Polish Hill has some sort of algorithm that lets him predict exactly what sort of graphic novel you will like. “I liked Habibi pretty well,” you might mention, and he’ll quickly supply you with twelve works similar in tone, content, or drawing style.

Unlike some with encyclopedic knowledge, Comic Book Wizard doesn’t sneer when you look for something campy, nor does he ever try to show off. He just uses his powers for good, and I’m all the more literate because of it. Dear CBW, I don’t know your real name but you are my hero." 

Be sure to check out the entire post  ... I guarantee it will make you laugh at least three times. 

No Guns! Keep Summer Fun!

My friend Noreen recently told me about Love Front Porch—an arts/peace initiative in Homewood. Vanessa, the founder of Love Front Porch, is doing amazing work and needs more support.

In addition to opening up her porch so that neighborhood children have a place to make art, Vanessa is taking strides to make her neighborhood a more peaceful place to live. After hearing gunshots while working on her porch one afternoon, she spearheaded another project distributing the signs featured in the picture above. 

"Since my first batch of 200 signs, I’ve made 800 more. People flock to these signs, they place them all around Homewood and beyond (because when there is a shooting in Homewood, it affects Pittsburgh, it affects the nation, it affects the world. The ripples of violence can be felt everywhere) to come together as a community, as citizens in a global hood to say: Love."

I encourage you to watch this video. It's amazing what can happen when a community comes together. 


I hope you have had a great week. (Hooray for rain!)

Peace and Love,


P.S. Have you found any Pittsburgh gems lately? I'd love to know. 

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