Progress in Pittsburgh.

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Hey Yinz, 

Last week I asked you what's the #1 thing you would change/improve about Pittsburgh. 

Here are some of the things you said: 

  • Public transportation. (I doubt you'll be surprised that this was the most popular answer.) 
  • Road quality. 
  • Parking. (In general as well as adding a mobile meter system.)
  • Public Schools. 
  • Local businesses support. 
  • De facto segregation. 
  • Sustainable, inclusive development. 
  • Cleaner streets/better trash management.
  • End gun violence. 
  • Better integration of the universities into the city. (And the city into the universities.)

I second every single one of these. Thanks for speaking up. What you think MATTERS and it needs to be heard. You can check out the full list here. 

My number one? 

Willingness to change. 

I suppose this isn't so much a Pittsburgh thing as it is a human thing. I'm not sure why we resist change the way we do. I'll be the first to admit that I often opt for things that are familiar and "safe" instead of trying something new. 

And when a potential big change is combined with a daunting task, it it can feel virtually impossible. 

Maybe looking at our list makes you feel this way. 

But maybe some of the solutions we're looking for are simpler to achieve than we think. Maybe it could only take a few people.

Or even one person. 

I heard this quote recently and it's really stuck with me: "Apathy is our worst enemy."

We cannot stop caring. 

I believe we can improve everything stated above and more ... we just need to take a moment to listen and then begin to take action one challenge at a time. 

We can do it! 

Peace and Love, 


P.S. I must point out PA took some pretty big strides with a HUGE change this week ... my heart swells with pride. Hooray!