10 Things to love about Lawrenceville

I moved down the hill from Bloomfield to Lawrenceville almost 2 years ago.  Since then, I have quickly fallen in love with my quirky neighborhood. Here are some reasons why.

All of the photos in this post are credited to my talented roommate Christopher Preis. It’s really fun to re-discover the streets you walk on every day through someone else’s art. The things he notices in Lawrenceville make me love and appreciate it even more. Thanks for letting me borrow them.

  1. Evolve — I was never one of those girls who was loyal to a hair stylist. That is, until I met Beth.  Beth McHenry owns Evolve, and she is a rock star with a pair of scissors. Beth has made my hair do things I didn’t think was possible.  And when I decided to switch up my natural blonde to become a red head, there was no one else I was going to trust.
  2. Espresso a Mano

    I began my relationship with coffee a decade ago, and have been happily dependent on it every morning since.  I have had coffee from all over the world, and can order a cup in several languages (including Starbucks). I love coffee. So, please believe me when I tell you that Espresso a Mano makes the best latte in town. One time, Matt (the owner) designed a swan in the foam of my latte. Not a leaf, not a heart… a swan. 

  3. Arsenal LanesBecause bowling is fun. And because they have specials almost every night of the week. So you can bowl, drink cheap beer, and even sing karaoke if you want.  Go with a group of friends and spend the evening drinking white russians.
  4. The Basement Businesses – There have been more than one couple in Lawrenceville now, who have literally started a business in their basement.  Arsenal Cheese is just up the street from me, where Jonathan Gaugler, and his wife Becky make cheese in the basement of their Fisk Street house.  You can purchase their delicious Cannonball curds at the East End Food Co-op, and Whole Foods, and several local restaurants use the cannon ball curds in their poutine.  Arsenal Cheese was also a food sponsor of Love of Friends last year, so I can tell you first hand that the cheese is delicious.
  5. Over on 39th street, you’ll find the home of Arsenal Cider House, and Wine Cellar.  The owners have converted the first floor of their house into a cozy store front where you can taste the various hand made ciders, and pick up a couple growlers to take home with you.  I’ve seen Arsenal Cider on tap at a few bars in the area, and have found that it is an excellent contribution to parties.
  6. Brunch

    Is there a more delightful and civilized meal than brunch? I don’t think so.  Even better is when you can leisurely roll out of bed and only walk a few blocks before having to make the difficult decision of savory vs. sweet.  On Butler street alone we’ve got Dozen, Coca Caf√©, Round Corner Cantina, and Perk Me Up.

  7. Shopping – Living down the street from Pavement, with its tempting array of boots and shoes has been quite the lesson in self-control.  But it’s also really fun to covet a pair you see in the window for months, and finally reward yourself with a purchase. My latest “treat yo self” procurement is a lovely pair of grey leather, knee-high boots that I have to stop myself from wearing every day.  Other great stores to spend the afternoon visiting include Pageboy, Wildcard, and all the other new boutiques that are consistently popping-up along Butler Street.
  8. Allegheny Cemetery – Before you think I’m morbid for including a cemetery on the list of reasons I love my neighborhood, let me explain.  Allegheny Cemetery, is huge, quite beautiful, and a perfect setting for running.  Hilly, with twisting paths, and covering 300 acres, I can easily log anywhere from 2-15 miles without having to actually run far from home.  Plus, I dare you to do anything that makes you feel as alive as running in a cemetery and not feel just a little more grateful for your health and wellness.  The cemetery also houses an awesome community garden, and hosts several events throughout the summer.
  9. The change

    Yes, change can be scary, and isn’t always necessarily a good thing, but it most certainly is exciting.  I feel like everyday I see new businesses, new construction, and new people emerging in Lawrenceville. It’s fun being right in the thick of things.

  10. All of the places I still have yet to try!

    Despite getting to know Lawrenceville pretty well over the past 2 years, there are still places I have yet to check out. The top of my list includes Kaleidoscope Café, Cure, and Alchemy and Ale. Anyone interested in a drink, lunch, or dinner?

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