10 Things to Love about Highland Park

Welcome to Highland Park! A beautiful neighborhood in Pittsburgh's East End. 

Let's explore, shall we?

Here are 10 things to love about our amazing neighborhood: 

1. The Park

Highland Park

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Jazz in the park on Sundays in the summer, the multiple playgrounds, tennis court, pool, obstacle course, running paths, the statues, and finally, a great place to enjoy the beauty of all 4 seasons.

2. Location
Highland Park, Pittsburgh, Sign
HP is close and accessible to busy neighborhoods and downtown with multiple bus lines and easy walkability, but remains a quiet, peaceful neighborhood- an urban environment with lots of breathing space.

3. Dining
Food Glorious Food
HP is home to wonderful restaurants including Park Bruges, E2, Smiling Banana Leaf, Teppanyaki Kyoto, and especially Food Glorious Food! We love their marinated sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and pistachio cake!

4. Tazza D'oro
Tazza D'oro, Pittsburgh
Yes, the coffee and tea at Tazza D'oro are delicious, but we especially love the neighborhood coffee shop's holiday evergreen swag with twinkly lights and foggy windows in the winter, inviting us in from the blustery cold.

5. The Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo
Not only is it fantastic having the Pittsburgh Zoo in our back yards, but lucky residents and park visitors even get the occasional treat of hearing a lion roar or a sea lion bark.

6. Lots to Look At
Stop Sign, Highland Park, Pittsburgh
HP is home to many different types of architecture, making walks through the neighborhood visually stunning, including craftsman, Tudor, and Victorian. Also, can you find the secret STOP (in the name of love) sign?

7. Diversity
Diversity highland park
HP is one of the most racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse neighborhoods in the city, adding to its value as a great place to make friends and raise a family

8. Great Neighbors
Highland Park BBQ
For example, in the summer, residents of Jackson st. host a Monday night BBQ for everyone on the street. also, many homes participate in the annual yard sale and street festival marking the true beginning of the Highland Park summer.

9. The Union Project

A gorgeous old church re purposed as a cafe, meeting and event space. The Union Project hosts yoga, winter craft fairs, weddings and parties on any given day.

10. The Highland Park Kitchen Staples Food Co-Operative!
Highland Park Kitchen Staples Co-op
The Highland Park Kitchen Staples Food Co-op, founded in 2010, brings a group of foodie friends together to exchange homemade, organic, food "staples" (think granola, pie crusts, slaws, dips, sauces, and desserts) each Sunday. The group has spawned other chapters, as well as great friendships. We meet a few times a year for seasonal potlucks. If any member is sick, or has a new baby, they can rely on their co-op friends to bring over a warm dish of soup, chili, or much appreciated sweets!


This post was co-written by the Highland Park Kitchen Staples Food Co-Operative.